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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 13, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. we are following breaking news, police cornered a shooting suspect and the only gunfire that led to this in the outer mission. we are live in san francisco, on the scene of that massive apartment fire and the complex which is now a pile of rubble. i will tell you what the immediate concerns are this morning. and live in mountain view, parents and students are learning about a new drug and we will tell you about a local teen who may have tried it. and police managed to stop him after a deadly crash, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. . good morning, thank you for joining us. we are live back in san francisco, back at the scene of
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the fire and an apartment fire that was under construction. firefighters are still there making sure all of the hot spots are out and demolition crews are taking down this makeeled mess. katie is on the scene just got an update and there is definitely some safety concerns out there at that scene. it is thursday, friday eve as brian said. >> almost there, i am in for dave clark and don't worry steve paulson is here with your forecast. our temperatures are a little bit cooler on the lows and it will still be a nice day but not as breezy and that has tailed off and i can only find 21-mile-per-hour right above the caldecott so it was 51 51
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so #0s and 90s and we will still go up, not us, we are unclear skies and much more in the 40s. 42 santa rosa, and right near the san francisco border near interstate 280 for the police activity we have been telling you about, just a moment we will go to a live shot, just avoid the area, avoid south of geneva and use alternate routes. the traffic continues to move
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relatively well, no meaning problems and traffic continues to look good. traffic on the richmond bridge is moving along nicely if you are driving through. 6:03 let's go back to the desk. we have been following this for the last 90 minutes and police are looking for the gunman who wounded one person this morning and these are life pictures from the scene on farragut avenue and that's near interstate 208 and you can see a lot of -- 280 and you can see the outer mission district. police drew their guns as they zeroed in on him. he shot a man at 3:30 sending the victim to the hospital.
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a s.w.a.t. team has arrived and streets around there are closed at this hour. alex savage is monitoring the latest developments and we have a crew on the scene and we will have what we learned coming up h they are still working to put out hot spots and they want to know what to do before they leave the scene. >> reporter: they are refueling the fire engines and hours on end and the field truck just arrived and firefighters are grabbing those individually and taking them out for the fire engines that are still here on the scene. let me show you a massive pile of debris, firefighters are up against this and at this point they are currently spraying the rubble at the ready but deep
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within the twisted medal and wood. it happened late yesterday evening and will resume work sometime this morning. demolition crews knocked those walls over yesterday. they just finished a survey before speaking with us. >> right now it doesn't look like there is much burning but we don't know what knocking stuff over will stir up. >> thompson was not sure when demolition work will resume and currently there are three companies and they will continue to rotate crews until the fire is completely extinguished. there is no saying when that will be. you can see a look at the latter on the ready incase any flare-ups do occur and right
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now you are looking at twisted metal and they are still dealing with the mess. i will tell you what is still standing in the way of determining the cause of this fire. ktvu channel 2 morning news. right now we are learning the crews battling that fire had to tap into the rarely used backup water supply. today's chronicle reports the water-mains and hydrants could not provide enough water pressure for the trucks that converged on the building. head to drag many to the blocks at the high pressure fire hydrants and that took more than 30 minutes.
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these are pictures that viewers sent us. they are worried about a new drug. the boy was founded on a trail in mountain view and january mean can tell us about this new danger and what police are saying about it. it is an ls d drug and he was found here and he had suffered aziz our and was rushed to the hospital. police are waiting for toxicology results and they believe he overdosed on a drug which has affects like ls d and speed affects like other chemicals. he is in the loss altos high
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school districts. this scared him. >> since this happened to my friend i i am not even going to do it, it is not even weed. >> they are warning of the psych tell lidge drugs psychedelic affect. they are working with the local health department to identify similar trends. they are working withholding a forum to learn about the resources available. reporting live from mountain view. a -- mountain view. a girl said she was equally a -- sexually assaulted. she said her seven-year-old daughter and her friend went to the restroom and the girl said a man was already inside that
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restroom. he touched her under her clothing before she pushed him away and ran for help. >> she doesn't want to eat, she is sitting in a corner. >> more than 100 community members marched from the world academy to the think now area. another girl was possibly assaulted by the same man. police have released a sketch of the suspect. he is described as latino 20 to 40 years old, six feet tall weighing between 108 and 200 pounds and may have a birth mark on the left side. they are accused of killing
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two people a man and a woman riding motorcycles were killed while two dozen were injured. officers eventually used a stungun to catch the suspect. they are calling on people who posted videos of the crash to turn them over to police to be used in the prosecution. rescue crews found them after an explosion. the blast flattened two buildings and we will have a live update on the search and rescue from that area. looking in the jahi mcmath case, children's hospital of oakland complied with all medical standards. am she is the third little girl
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who suffered and the report says it the unclear and it is unclear which cases they are connected to. a couple received a large package of marijuana. it was dropped off at the couple couple's home and the people living there had their address on it and they brought it there because there was not enough postage. >> they are starting to use real people's names and return addresses. >> they get several cases several times a week across northern california. the private delivery is working out. people with fed one
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unreliable elevators. >> you push that elevator there is no telling where you will go. and having to pay for emergency calls, the reason why they are paying for one bay area community. and it is a little bit heavier, one bay area san francisco traffic, we will tell you what it is like getting in on the east bay. . will high temperatures do the same today or will we continue to get warmer.
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. three more bodies were found overnight in the massive explosion and seven more people were found leveled in two buildings may have been caused by a gas leak. live in new york where several people are still unatted for -- unaccounted for. >> you can see the rubble that remains, it is still smoking, still smoldering. there are hot pockets there and that is where search and rescue crews are and the death toll
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stands at 7 people. federal investigators are there in manhattan's east harlem. the massive explosion took out two five-story apartment buildings. authorities expect a gas leak is to blame and no official cause has been determined. >> this is a tragedy of the worst kind because there was no indication to save people. >> reports of a gas leak came into con edison at 9:13 a.m. when crews arrived, the buildings were gone. kyle worked on the ground floor of the one of the buildings and described what happened when the blast occurred. >> i flew off the ground and for me to get out i haded to get around them. they were on the side boom! >> it was so powerful that you heard it rocket whole apartment. >> reporter: among them,
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sergeant grease. >> he was one person to look up to. >> and a water-main break prevented them from reaching the debris. >> city officials say the number of people unaccounted for remains at 9 and we know ntsb is trying to get to the bottom of this as well and of course the presumed cause was a gas leak and there is no hard evidence of the exact cause. >> thank you so much for that update. time now 6:17 a.m., they are trying to keep from closing more fire stations. they have closed five fire stations in the last three
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years. the city answers 3,000 calls a year and many are from medical issues and they are looking to impose a fee for paramedic calls. insurance companies pay a similar fee when an ambulance company provides care. >> if it will benefit us for having more emergency services then i prefer to have that. >> they do not know how much the fee would be but it is not new, firefighters in many areas already use it. back over to sal for the commute what are you keeping an eye on, sal? >> a new crash in freemont, southbound 680 near the auto mall we will look at that in just a moment and i want to mention it, they have filled in since they turned on those metering lights and now instead of just being a short delay we
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have a 2 ever to 30 -- 25 to 30 minute drive time and most will be here wait being at the toll plaza. there are no meaning problems on the bridge and if you are driving on the richmond san rafael bridge, those are still light. this is 880 north and southbound, right near the coliseum, drive time is about 5 minutes. now then southbound 680 at durham, north of durham, it says a car is down an end bank. and we are -- embankment, and we are looking at fremont and 6:19 let's go to steve. before we get started, joslin tweets us from daily city. she tweets all of us and if she says it is cold, it is cold.
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the joslin meter says it's cold but that offshore breeze is calming down in the northeasterly breeze and there will still be a warm um saturday maybe into sunday and in the 80s here and 90s in southern california. >> it had gusts up to 42 and it is not nearly as windy. there is a hint of a westerly breeze and there is a lot of cloud cover and once it moves out they will start to to warm up. there is a lot more 40s here and the southern california low that has been the cause and things are relaxing and this
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will start to move off if you are headed to spring training and you may not to have deal with it, snow that has windchills about 5 to 15 pillow and all the way town to atlanta tap there you go. everything as far as active weather goes up and over for us. it will still be clear and not as breezy and warmer weather kicks back in. next week does look cooler, maybe some rain, thursday or friday of next week. a cooler morning and i think you will notice it. the breeze is not much of a factor. still low-to-mid 70s, and it will not take much and the days
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get longer, and we will start a cooling trend next week. amazon announced a price increase starting immediately to 99 days a year. am -- am done, we have a new report in and the first increase in three months and still a bigger one than they had forecast, drug store items and cars as long as increasing for online purchases. >> i think my wife contributed, good for her contributing to the economy. >> time now 622, coming up, there are fewer than 10 of them in existence and what we can do to save it.
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a reported kidnapping and robbery reported to craigslist, the terrifying report at an attack at gunpoint in the south bay, coming up.
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learn more at . one of the boats, they are
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damaged beyond repair. they say the combination ripped the boats from their anchors and hopefully nobody was harmed and they are expected to remove the debris in the next few days. local s.w.a.t. teams turned a park into a drill for an emergency response. it happened at six flags vallejo. as part of the scenario they were told a group of people were taking over the park and were holding people as off the damages. they -- holding hostages. it also included smoke grenades and a gun battle. >> smoke causes disorientation and they can't see smoke debris. >> the park is idea because
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many buildings allowed them to train. several officials require the 52-foot tree come down for safety reason it is smarts tree wants to see if it is possible to do that. the first ever wee day includes daughter of mohammed alley and he plays manny. pop star salina gomez and magic johnson, wee day, oracle arena, 16,000 students will attend and
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tickets cannot be purchased, am proud thing. >> find out what happens to happen purchase fire crews can leave. and they have come to this scene in san francisco and they have surrounded an area searching in connection with a person, we will tell you where officers are focused coming up. right now we are still looking at traffic getting busier by the moment including the toll plaza and on the south bay approach, we will tell you in free none -- freemont. high temperatures, will they still be in the 70s, we will have all of that coming up.
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. these are live pictures from the mission neighborhood and s.w.a.t. teams have surrounded a shooting suspect. alex savage will have a live update in minutes. thanks again for joining us, brian flores has the day off. >> let's check in with steve paulson, sounds like it is going to be nice for a few days and it is cooler because we lost a lot of that breeze from mendocino more so than yesterday. 60s and 70s and plenty we would like to say. it's still going to be on the mild side to warm. a little cooler some locations are down 10 to 15 degrees and that breeze has tailed off. we are dealing with a lot of cloud cover and we are just too
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far for the north, 40 the to -- 40s to napa, 46 in half-moon bay and there is a noticeable chilly day, other than this. cooler morning and there is still a him the of a breeze here is sal. steve good morning, we are looking at a crash on mission boulevard and the car went down the embankment and most of the activity is not in the lanes but there is a little bit of a rubber nexter delay. dark rubber necker delay. it is a very nice drive, 101 to san bruno avenue, it's not all that bad and 101 into san francisco and out of san
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francisco still looking good and traffic continues to move around solely and it print you and that is slowing down to the concord area. and farragut avenue, a very busy street, it is closed and i would not use it, use south san jose or missing and alex is on the scene of this investigation, what else can you tell us, swath is there as well -- s.w.a.t. is there as well. >>reporter: police have a police involved shooting and what they are doing is focusing in on a mobile home and it is parked just off of the
6:34 am
boulevard. you can see behind the squad cars and other san francisco police officers as well. this is near farragut avenue close to 208 and this whole -- 208 and this whole situation happened with their guns drawn and they are searching for a person and he is expected to survive and police again now have an active search going on in this area. this is farragut boulevard closed off in both directions for this search and the area where this standoff, you can call it is taking place right now just off the street and it is right between the shopping center and a park. again it is our understanding that the person police are after, the person wanted in connection with that person is
6:35 am
a mobile home and all officers have a spotlight with the murder home, alex safe rajai davis ktvu channel 2 morning news. other firefighters are still working to put out hot spots in the city's mission bay neighborhood. katie is live to explain what still needs to be done before firefighters leave the scene, katie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian, demolition crews still have four story before they even get to the potential hot spots and as you can see, roadways are still blocked off and to keep a clear radius. you can see this is them
6:36 am
yesterday and going through what is left. the ng he three 60l1sl0. firefighters walked -- 360s. firefighters have walked around the building and they are trying to conserve water and until the demolition resumes they are keeping a safe distance. >> right now we are not anywhere near it and there is no reason to be right now. >> reporter: battalion chief says they have stabilized the north and south corners which were the most dangerous because of the potentials for collapse. now those tenants are particular
6:37 am
located so they can get a survey of the scene and it appears construction and demolition crews are starting to arrive as the sun comes up. we will have the latest on the investigation and what may have sparked this fire. live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> now that massive fire gutted a building that was under construction and it's raising concerns about how firefighters would be able to respond in a building willed with people. they are constantly trains that
6:38 am
tells me immediately that is the systems have failed. >> they are required to have sprinklers and many have special water pipes which can quickly deliver water to every floor. san jose police are looking for two men who robbed a woman she met on craigslist. he was on capital avenue and once there she decided to back out and she was ordered to make withdrawal. >> they demanded that they go ahead and provide additional monies she did not have. >> robbers released the woman when the friend arrived with the money. and they are limiting the capacity of gun magazines and they will make the challenge at least for now. and the gun magazines can hold
6:39 am
more than 10 bullets. the u.s. supreme court justice said they rejected a request to block the law and the nra is due next month. and now they are claim thatting interference from the city's mayor's office and they can now try to do the jobs themselves and another option is to give up the search and give the job to shawn. they are notifying people about recent burglaries. there has been a spike in home break-ins and people posted.
6:40 am
>> the high rise said the elevators in their building frequently does not work. they have now filed a legal claim against the san francisco housing authority. they say when the elevators are not working they are either trapped in their apartments or stuck downstairs in the lobby. >> the 94-year-old was stuck in the lobby from 4:00 a.m. to -- 4:00 p.m. to fur a.m. -- 4:00 a.m. >> the housing authority says they are working on getting the elevators fixed and it is the first time in a long time they plea of it is working and they believe it is the fact that
6:41 am
they have quit. >> jennifer kearns featured prominently for campaign ad donely. she was concerned because he was not taking her advice and that includes himself firing a gun and his probation for a weapons' charge. and now the nonpartisan prime mayor is in -- primary is in june. there are more reports about the malaysia airlines. they say the plane flew for hours after its last reported contact. a psychedelic drug with zombie like affects may have caused a teen in mountain view
6:42 am
to have a response. and it is business year arm across. high temperatures today and we will have it cooler and we will have a look at that later on. stay tuned.
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. welcome back, police and school administrators are warning parents about a new street drug. one high school student apparently overdosed on it and he was found on a trail in mound taken view. -- mountain view. he will tell us what the dangers are and what authorities are saying about this drug. police put out this letter telling parents if a student was found here on the stevens creek trail on tuesday. he found a drug called d oc. it has both hallucinating affects and speed did i affects -- speeding affects. they found the boy near central avenue and he suffered a seizure. a friend says he is a sophomore
6:46 am
at mountain view high school. the incident scared him. >> i was shocked. i was really shocked. i never knew it could happen but i hope he is okay. >> the kid had a couple of tough rough hours but is doing much better now. >> police have had little experience with the drug but it comes in the forms of pills and drops. >> reporter: police school resource operators are working with the school district on the form and to talk about the rep. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. and new information on that missing airlines jet. malaysia authorities deny they continue to fly for hours after its last contact. the wall street journal is reporting that they suspect the
6:47 am
malaysia jetliner is based on information transmitted made by rolls royce. >> those reports are inaccurate. the last transmission was at 01 through seven which means everything was normal. roles royce are here in columbia poe and i have worked it too much. and a chinese depry. they produced 2000 and today state regulate remembers expected to decide on a proposal that will allow them to find replacement power. let's look at what is am coming up on mornings on 2,
6:48 am
good morning. good morning pam and brian. coming up, this month, some daring folks will come from the high at regency hotel. it is designed to help low income students in california. and many are heading to the south bay and find out what local cities are doing to address parking and public safety. and a little purple rain this weekend. word spread overnight that prince is performing this saturday, or you can see your legendary singer. pack to you in some news. >> we have a crash in southbound walnut creek if you are driving from concord you will see slow traffic from 242
6:49 am
and it will be slow as we move over to southbound 680 at auto mall the crash is on the shoulder and some slow traffic, also slow traffic coming down from about fremont to 84 down to stevenson, because of an earlier crash. 85, slowing down, it is not as bad as it normally is, it is sluggish but not awesomely slow. drive time is 25 minutes between oakland and san francisco. clear, clear, colder, a lot more 40s compared to yesterday when it was upper 50s and 60s and the breeze is right above the caldecott. so it is a big difference. clear, cool to cold depending
6:50 am
how you look. a couple of places and temperatures helping with that low cloud cover and that will move into arizona and spring training games may get active in the next day or two and move out of the area and high pressure is here for the next four or five days and might break down but until then 40s and 50s, half-moon bay, 42 santa rosa and walnut creek, it is a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler than yesterday, there is not any precipitation takes associated with it. 24 up in ukiah and in lake county as well, that is down a
6:51 am
a good half. it will be sunny nice to warm not as breezy in the afternoon and that's relaxing, slacking a little bit and these are all above average as you might expect and we will hold onto that theme, same for friday and then a bump up on those jumps. it will still be sunny mild to warm on sunday and a cooling trend starts monday and tuesday. general motors says they have notified the big recall for 13 years. they detected it and they are looking into why it took so long for them to issue a recall. they are taking a big step to prepare for its initial public offering. the ipo price, they will use some of the money to develop
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new games to keep the company growing. steve paulson plays that game. >> yes, it keeps him busy. >> the flair willing mistakes.
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cool. >> the company is accused of submit being fake documents and other public agencies as it pursues lucrative government contracts. they falsely claimed they worked for four government agencies including bart. so far there has been no comment from the agency. the convicted felon is accused of trying to rundown two police officers is due back in court tomorrow. it did not enter a plea and his arrangement was postponed. he is accused of felony assaults for allegedly backing up his car on officers last week. officer adam shaw was shot in the arm. he may have been struck and it
6:56 am
got that backed up. fbi acts have shifted from the bay area to hawaii. the fbi are looking at credible intelligence in san diego and it's on the big island. now he is a suspect in two bay area pipe bombings in 2003. one is in emoryville and one is in pleasanton. is he on the fbi list of the most wanted terrorists and he is wanted. they are concerned it is sending the wrong message. the message was obviously photo shopped and in one picture you can see a left over sliver of skin. bartz of her arms and hips have
6:57 am
been erased. even though it has been changed, they feel a lot of pressure to look like the ads. >> it does get to you sometimes and you say why don't i look like that. >> they wish companies would stop pushing the barbie doll shape. target is apologizing. they are now officially underway ; 4, 3, two, 1! >> groundbreaking, the city will spend to upgrade the historic building and it was build back in 1988. focus on landscaping and handicapped access. we have been following it and after a shooting in san francisco, the impact commuters are seeing from the situation.
6:58 am
and high this summer.
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police locked in a standoff right now. a dangerous situation in this neighborhood this morning. they are searching for a person wanted in connection with a shooting that happened a short time ago. we'll tell you what we know about the initial crime -- coming up. this morning, san francisco firefighters still on the scene of that huge fire near at&t park. the two things they hope to accomplish before the weekend. and an unusual proposal to keep some bay area fire stations open. the reason calling 911 could get more expensive. "mornings on 2" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." a tense standoff in san francisco underway right now involving s.w.a.t. officers and a shooting suspect. we've been following this story since 4:30 this morning. alemany boulevard is shut down near 280. ktvu's alex savidge has been on the scene all morning. he will join us live in two minute


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